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About Budgets

Budgets is a personal finance budgeting app founded on the principal that every dollar in and out should be accounted for. Our goal is to empower our community of users to have a better understanding of where their money is going each month. We do this by tracking Income, Expenses, and Savings Goals.


Income budgets add to your total spending and saving amount. Your income budget amounts should equal what you will actually receive each month. This will help make sure you are not spending more than you earn. You can sort paychecks and other earned transactions into your income budgets to keep track of how much you have made.


Expense budgets keep track of your spending. At the beginning of each month, you will start with a full budget. When you add transactions to the budget, you will see your balance decrease. Balances roll over from month to month, so if you spent less the previous month, you will be able to use the leftover budget for the current month. When you happen to spend more than you budgeted, you will easily see that you need to spend less in the next month or transfer balance from another budget.

Meet the Budgets Team

Jake Ruesink

Jake Ruesink

When Jake got married, he searched for a way his new family could stay on top of their expenses. Thinking there should be an easy way for people to understand their financial situation, he began his journey to building Budgets.

Jake is a javascript developer and visionary, with a background in Business, Communication and Creative Studies. He is passionate about building highly effective teams. It is his dream to develop a company that builds community and provides a needed service for the glory of Jesus Christ. Contact him at jake@budgets.money.

Derek Wene

Derek Wene is a Software Engineer, outdoors enthusiast, and pun master in Austin, TX. When he's not climbing, hiking, running, or kayaking, you can find him trying to solve mondaypunday.com at a local coffee shop. He's grown passionate about budgeting and helping others with their finances through building Budgets. Contact him at derek@budgets.money

Hannah Wilson

Hannah Wilson is a digital marketer in Austin, Texas. She was one of Budgets' first loyal users and believed in it so much, she became part of the team! In her free time, she likes to catch up on her favorite TV shows and explore Austin with her dog. Contact her at hannah@budgets.money

Budgets faqs

Our goal is to make budgeting as simple as possible so everyone can undertand their own finances. Read through our FAQs below if you have questions regarding the app, or reach out to us with any questions not covered here.

How do I get started?

Head to https://budgets.money and fill out your name, email, password, and hit the "Create Account" button. Check your email for a verification email with a link. Click that link and continue on to get set up.

How do I create my budget?

Our goal is to make the process of setting up your budget as seamless as possible. We provide a list of budgets to help you think about what you might need to consider when getting setup. Select any budgets that apply for your life situation and skip any that don't.

Once you've finished selecting your budgets, you'll see a way to add accounts to sync your transactions from. Then you'll be on the homepage where you can open each budget to view/add transactions, edit the budget, and transfer balances between budgets.
You can easily add or reorder budgets and categories from your home page also.

Can I add my credit card or checking accounts to sync my transactions for me?

By upgrading your Budgets account, you'll gain access to sync transactions automatically from your financial accounts. From the accounts page, you can login to your credit card and checking accounts to sync transactions. You can also click on them to view more details and update settings, such as disabling syncing and adding nicknames. We recommend adding a nickname for your account so you can easily see which account a transaction is coming from.

What do I do with my transactions once they are synced?

Building a habit of sorting transactions is the best way to truly know how you are spending your money. Once transactions are synced from your accounts, they are loaded into our sorting page. Here, you'll be able to select transactions and add them to your budgets. Over time we learn which budgets you sort your transactions into and provide suggestions for faster sorting.

Can I view all of my transactions?

There are a few ways to view your transactions. On the home page, open up your budgets to see the transactions for that budget and month. View another month's budgets by using the left or right arrow buttons in the menu bar. You can also get back to the current month by hitting the middle button that displays the month.

View a list of all your transactions by going to the Transaction List page. You can easily filter by budget or label to view just the transactions you a looking for.

What if I am bad at budgeting?

Some months we spend too much on tacos, or have an unexpected expense. It happens - but we don't want to keep our budgets in the red. You can transfer extra balance that you have saved up in other budgets to help get back in the green.

I'm done with one of my budgets, what do I do?

Sometimes you don't need a specific budget anymore, for example when you've finally hit that savings goal. You can keep the historical data, but remove it from your budget by archiving it. You can archive a budget by going to the edit tab for that budget on the home page.

What budgeting principles or techniques did you have in mind when coming up with Budgets?

At Budgets, we like the concept of "paying yourself first" so we've made it a natural part of our budgeting process. The concept is pretty simple, when you get your paychecks you set aside the amount you want to use for savings, and you use the rest for your spending that month. This principle helps encourage saving by determining your goals up front.

How do I check to see if I am spending too much?

While Budgets is a great tool for keeping track of what you spend, it doesn't actually keep you from spending too much. It's important to make sure the money you have in your accounts is equal to or more than what you have budgeted. It's easy to double check, just make sure your total balance amount is less than what you have available to spend in your accounts. Basically, you want to make sure the total balance number near the top of the home page is less or equal to the number you have available in the bank. We are working hard to make this process easier soon!

Have Questions?

If you have questions, comments or suggestions at any time while you are using the app, you can hit the circle question mark button in the top right to send us a message. We want to learn as much as possible about how we can provide the best budgeting experience for you. Even if you have questions regarding a financial topic, we'll do our best to point you in the right direction. We are not licensed financial professionals, so any answers we give should not be considered professional advice and we always recommend doing your own research. Email us at support@budgets.money.

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