Podcast #10: Ways to Save Money on your Wedding

Podcast May 01, 2020

This week Derek and I kicked off our #BudgetsOfLove series by going through our top ten ideas for saving money on your wedding - with special guest, my wife Jackie! Check out the blog for more ideas on this topic and come back over the next few weeks to learn more about budgeting with a partner. Now, let's go get some Round Rock Donuts....

If you would like to read our top 30 Ways to Save Money on your Wedding, head over to our blog post:
30 Ways to Save Money on your Wedding
Weddings are memories that can be treasured forever. Saving money on your wedding doesn’t mean you are cheap, but instead you are choosing to prioritize and plan for other things in life. Here are our top 30 ways that you can have a great wedding without paying top dollar:

Jake Ruesink

Jake is a developer with a degree from Texas A&M in Business, Comm, and Creative Studies. His dream is to lead a company that builds community and provides a needed service for the glory of Jesus.

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