About Budgets

Budgets is a personal finance budgeting app founded on the principal that every dollar should be accounted for. By sorting transactions into your budgets, you will know how much left you have to spend or earn.

Our goal is to empower our community of users to have a better understanding of where their money is going each month. We do this by helping track Income, Expenses, and Savings Goals.


You can sort paychecks and other earned transactions into your income budgets to keep track of how much you have made. We want to make sure you are not spending more than you earn, so we keep track of your income balance over time. We'll also help make sure your spending budgets are not exceeding your expected income.


At the beginning of each month, you'll gain more balance to spend in your budgets. When you add transactions to the budget, you will see your balance decrease. Balances roll over from month to month, so if you spent less the previous month, you will be able to use the leftover budget for the current month. When you happen to spend more than you budgeted, you will easily see that you need to spend less in the current month or transfer balance from another budget to cover the difference.



When Jake got married, he searched for a way his new family could stay on top of their expenses. Thinking there should be an easy way for people to understand their financial situation, he began his journey to building Budgets.

Jake is a developer with a background in Business, Communication and Creative Studies. It is his dream to lead a company that builds community and provides a needed service for the glory of Jesus. Contact him at jake@budgets.money.


Derek Wene is a Software Engineer, outdoors enthusiast, and pun master in Austin, TX. When he's not climbing, hiking, running, or kayaking, you can find him trying to solve mondaypunday.com at a local coffee shop. He's grown passionate about budgeting and helping others with their finances through building Budgets. Contact him at derek@budgets.money

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